Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's been a while

I haven't written not because i have felt guilty but because i have been in a funk. I wont bother to spell check this so sorry. For the last two days i have been trying to do my diest and have suceeded to loose a few pounds i did however have a cheese burger and a small fri from mcd's. Also a cigarette today i call it the stresses of being married though i think i balanced it out with the amount of calories eaten today so its ok. I have been tired and stressed out. My father in law will be here for christmas next week :-( I spent the last of my money on christmas shopping. I've been busy at work and like i said in a funk. I have made it to the gym more often which is great I just thought i'd give you all a little update now I'm off to bed. If i don't write again before christmas I hope everyone has a very happy holiday season!!


Scale Junkie said...

Sending HUGS your way!!!

No Where to Run ... said...

hey, don't worry about it. it seems like all the other WW bloggers are feeling the same way! we try, we may fail, but we always try. it's all we can do, right? oh, and the fact that you haven't lost your mind yet (it IS the HOLIDAY SEASON AFTER ALL!) is success ENOUGH!

A Public Diet said...

we all get into funks. Some of us more than others, but life goes on doesn't it. Back when i was taking anti depressants my favorite phrase would be "The sun is going to come up whether you want it to or not."