Monday, April 5, 2010

T- 50 Pounds YAY!!

So I Finally lost 50 pounds 263 YAY. 35 pounds to go and I'm at the weight I was before I got married. I'm officially divorced. Weight off my shoulder. Granted I'm broke as fuck so behind in bills and living in denial so i can keep my sanity. Haha. However the fact that I have managed to achieve this goal is a big thing and it will help my health which will over all help me live longer. I went to see an occupational therapist about stress management so I don't freak out on people and have emotional break downs. I'll see her again.

I haven't been up to too much except concentrating on weight loss. I have guys on the brain. Of course. I wish I was psychic and could mind read it would make life so much easier. I would go more into depth but i don't know who's reading this these days and I seem to have gotten slightly more paranoid lol. I also think i'm losing my marbles and may be going slightly insane but seeing as all my friends are losing their minds too I feel ok about it haha they said it not me. I'm starting to loosen up a bit and I'm optimistic. No matter what seems to go wrong in my life something is going to go right because it's life and I can't do shit about it!! So cheers let's drink to that weather it be water or a shot!!