Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So I was going to start back on the diet yesterday but realised we had no healthy food in the house. Seeing as I don't drive I have made a list for him to go to the store today to get some healthy stuff. I am going to do two weeks of Phase 1 of Sb Diet again because I'm a pig and ate a whole cheesecake this weekend and feel guilty for it. I'm sure I put back on some of the weight. After eating what at the time looked like appealing cheese cake. My stomach hurt I felt bloated and well I threw up. I didn't eat the whole thing at one time obviously. Toast doesn't have the same appeal as it once had I still Love bread but it's not the same. I have done better at monitoring my intake and not over eating things which is an Improvement. I feel Like I'm loosing some of my readers I haven't gotten very many comments. Thanks to you guys who do comment though. Yesterday I but a pair of Jeans from Lane Bryant They were the baby phat ones the looked so good so I got them and I got them in a size 20 at the moment that is wish full thinking. However when i can fit into them I will put up a picture. We are going out for dinner tonight. Tomorrow I start again. I have to loose that weight for the medical exam for Canada. No more games, It's serious for my health and for my life. I didn't make it to the gym. My physical therapy on my knee starts Monday so hopefully that will help. I think I am getting a cold you know when of those chest colds ugh!!! Well I hope everyone is doing well. Be strong during thanksgiving!! Have a Happy Holiday to all my American Readers. I'm trying to decide if i should make a chicken for thanksgiving seeing as I'm celebrating it in England!!