Saturday, October 20, 2007

The South Beach Diet

So my day has been OK I had my usual breakfast which consists of a bowl of cereal, two slices of toast with flora (butter substitute) and a glass of orange juice. Then for lunch I had some chicken nuggets 7 to be exact, a packet of leek cheese and ham pasta and sauce, a whole baguette with flora, and two glasses of sparkling wine. For dinner we went out I got fajitas (they don't do justice to actual fajitas this is England). It came with a salad no dressing some tortilla chips and guacamole (not very many tortilla chips). I had a glass of water and a vodka and coke.

As recommended to me by who is also doing the south beach diet and has had fantastic results I might add. I thought I'd give it a go. So i picked up the books and have had a quick read through so far It doesn't sound like it will kill me (maybe for the first two weeks eek no bread)! I have never had veg in the morning and other than bacon and maybe sausage I have never had meet in the morning either. It will definitely be interesting it would be great if i had a good result for the first two weeks. I need to read the book a bit more and pick up some stuff at the store. I am not looking forward to the fish part of it as I hate hate hate seafood.

My husband and I went out to eat today with some people we don't really know. We parked at the bottom of a small hill lucky me! I started walking ahead of everyone else because I know I'm slow and they would catch up with me eventually also I knew i would be out of breath and didn't want to embarrass myself. I was still a little ways ahead so when I got to the top of the hill I stopped so they wouldn't think i was being rude. After the restaurant yet again I have to walk up a small hill I guess my husband would call it a slope as it isn't very steep. I had to have him go slower as the incline was killing my knee and ankle and also I couldn't breath. I had a tightness in my chest and a very bad burning sensation. Does that happen to anyone else the burning sensation? My husband says "It's sad you can't even walk up that little hill". By that point i was irked to say the least. I said 'not only do I have an injured ankle but I'm caring 300 pounds you try it'. Obviously this made way for a retort "well if you didn't weigh 300 pounds" and then i of course said 'well if I didn't get married I wouldn't have gained the weight'. Lol I know it's not really his fault he didn't put the food in my mouth I did. He knows I'm trying to loose the weight. So I kindly ask if he can encourage me next time and say "GOOD JOB LIZ YOU MADE IT UP THE HILL". Seeing as I did make it up the damn hill. I do my best to avoid hills at all costs.

Then when we got to the restaurant i had to make my husband switch chairs with me as I had the one with arms on it. I needed a chair without arms so ...
1. I don't get stuck
2. So I'm not Uncomfortable
3. So my fat doesn't spill out of the bars of the chair
4. So people can't see that their is no room left in the chair

The only bad part of sitting in an Open chair is that you can see my ass spills over the side. At least I can still manage to sit in chairs and not break them. That's something right. Don't even get me started on airplane seats. I could barley close the buckle when i was 30 pounds lighter i can just imagine now i would need a seat belt extension. Also those damn little trays don't fold all the way down my stomach is in the way. I'm constantly being hit by the person with the cart, Because i have to sit in the isle so my body doesn't hit everyone when i try and get out of the seat to use the toilet.

OK that's enough for tonight. I'm going to go eat my two biscuits and drink the rest of my bottle of wine and call it a day. Tomorrow is a New Day where I will attempt to begin not a diet but a life change (so my mother says). Goodnight and Don't dream of food!