Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 5 Continued

I made it through day 5 with success! I struggled a bit at dinner time when I got hungry. If it wasn't for my husband supporting me and giving me strength I would have caved by now. So I just want to say Thanks to him for helping me get through this struggle of no Carbs for 2weeks. It sounds silly I know but it's hard. 9 days left to go :-)

Day 5

Wahoo I have made it to day 5 with very little cheating. All the cheats have been liquid so i think it's OK. Like orange juice a glass of win a bottle of beer or coffee no wine and beer on the same day lol. I got all upset last night because i was feeling tired and i wanted carbs. My husband cuddled me and said i was doing good. I weighed myself on my home scale and it said i lost over a few pounds. I will weigh myself at the gym if I can convince myself to go this weekend because it's more reliable. Hopefully it says the same thing (or it will tell me i lost more). I asked my husband if he really though my face looked a bit thinner he said 'what do you want', 'I said the truth' he said 'no' I said 'why did you lie' and he said 'to make you feel better'. It did make me feel better lol. I still don't feel lousy like i did Monday or Tuesday. But I feel like i have less energy my body feels like it aches after a couple of minutes (probably part of the fybromyalgia). What can you do. I will let you all know when i weigh myself properly what it said. Hope for me -k-

I hope I can stick to it. I don't want to be fat the rest of my life. It limits me to what i can do. I'm 22 and I feel like I'm stuck in the body of an 80 yr old. I cant run which is a dream of mine i would like to know what it feels like without running out of breath. I want to do some sports which I cant do now. When I have kids I want to be able to chase after them. If I didn't loose the weight and i got pregnant I will end up getting fatter and the baby and I would be at a greater health risk. Plus I want to be cute and pregnant. I am vain enough to let myself be thin for a couple of years before having kids that way I can enjoy it Just in case I cant Loose all of the baby weight. Really what my secret dream is to have a slim but well toned body. Id love to have a picture of me in boy shorts with only my hair covering my chest, standing side ways. I think I need to loose the full 175 first. I will get there!!! My first Goal is to get back to 227 pounds so i can wear those jeans you see in that picture of me when I'm thinner!!! A girl can hope cant she.