Saturday, April 19, 2008


Hey i don't have it over here to watch but i saw it when i logged onto my american e-mail. She looks fantastic. Does anyone know how long it took her from the time she started the show?

This week has been unbelievably stress full no one has any idea it's like i can't even describe it. It's been a fu***ng nightmare. It's like the crap you see on tv where you think that shit doesn't really happen. Well it sure does. It happens to me.

Any way Can I ask any of you who have weighed 300 pounds have you been able to fly without having to buy an extra airplane ticket? I want to know what's going to happen when I have to fly. Weightloss is still staying down but I havent lost anymore yet. I'm trying to get the energy to go to the gym. It's raining of course so I will have to take a taxi I have no water proof clothes. I really want to go canoeing when I go to canada. My husband thinks I will sink it I don't think I will. I'm excited about moving I can't wait I have a new life and a new start and I decided for that new start I'm going by Elli rather then Liz I think it's girlier. I have a new picture I took of myself that I wan't you guys to see. I am beautiful when I try. Sorry I had no shirt on it was b4 bed but you can't see anything don't worry. LoL.