Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hello Sorry I'm Alive

Hi Guys,

Sorry, Sorry for not posting or responding quickly I am alive. I've been really tired as usual I come home at night eat watch TV then fall asleep. Weekends I don't do much. I know it's a crap excuse. Honestly I didn't want to post until i had something good to tell you guys. Let's go weigh myself ... the verdict is in 297 pounds. I had gotten down to 294 the other day but then I had pizza. I am letting myself down. But I lost the 6 pounds by not eating junk food and cutting out most alcohol. Damn that pizza...and bottle of wine! I went to the gym yesterday I managed to do the cross trainer for 10 min it is progress I was dying though my heart rate was up to 172.

We have progressed with the move to Canada. Immigration is slowly moving forward. We are now just waiting for the request for medicals. I'm worried to be honest is my illness going to be a problem or the fact that i was taking anti depressants for depression or the fact that i have slightly high blood pressure. You know I watch these programs with fat people and they eat like 3 burgers at a time or a whole pizza I don't know how they do it I had 4 slices of a large pizza and a few other things and I could never manage a whole one. Any way i need to loose as much weight before i leave for Canada I do not want to have to get a seat belt extension on the plane!! I also don't want to squish all my fat into the chair the damn table didn't even come down when i weight 252 pounds i was close to needing an extension then. I fucked up! I admit it. How the Fuck does someone not realize they are gaining weight especially 73 pounds the answer is they do realize it and they just are in denial. Yes I admit it I was in denial!! I am so Fucked off with myself I could have lost 73 pounds rather then gained it.

You know despite my lack of posting i really do like my blog. I get to journal for the whole world to read it. And i really have not had too negative responses in fact a lot of you guys are encouraging and i don't want to disappoint you. I wanted to post when i could say hey guys I lost 15 pounds but hey at least you guys know I'm OK. I will try and post sooner and hopefully will have lost that extra 3 pounds that i put back on. Considering doing the SB Diet for the first few weeks just to kick start the weight loss for Canada. Oh I forgot I have gotten more fucking stretch marks from going up and down in weight i have the first sign of some on my legs and more on my stomach. I have been using coco butter to try and reduce them. They are still in the pink stage. Talk to you guys later. Liz