Thursday, June 12, 2008

I just want to cry

Who am I kidding I tell myself I am doing good losing weight this is how I fool myself. I'm full of shit. I was doing good I was doing SB again and it was working. Then slowly I became less strict. Now I still weigh less then I did but not by much and I want to lose one stone before I move in fact I want to get to 20 stone which is 280 Now I am 293 so I need to lose 13 pounds by the 3rd of July (this is what I weighed last time I flew and I don't want any problems.

I was not going to go to the gym today. I haven't been doing much. I finished work two weeks ago because I am moving next month and just wanted time to prepare and get some exercise but I can't even bring myself to exercise. I always feel like I am disappointing my husband because i promised 5 days a week. Now I already told him I wasn't going today now I know when he gets home he will ask why I didn't and you know what ... I am going to go to the gym!! I don't want to disappoint him or me and I'm so bored. I feel really full at the moment I ate some enchiladas
:-( they tasted nice but my stomach hurts I made them. I need to get back on track.

So we move July 12th my husband dropped off the passports today. I'm excited to say the least It's finally about time. I have been thinking about getting my tongue pierced anyone have that done? How painful is it? How is everybody lately? Aren't gas prices ridiculous a pack of chicken went up to £10 here and that is only 8 small pieces of chicken breast. Well that's all I have to say I will fill you guys in next week to see if i have kicked my own ass yet