Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day six

I managed to be good for the most part. It's Saturday and that was the real test. For breakfast I had two poached eggs and some baked beans (are baked beans allowed)? For lunch I had black bean soup. For dinner I had some chicken raw green pepper and cucumber with houmous (is houmous allowed)? And I know I broke the rules here but I had 1 chocolate chip cookie and 3 glasses of wine Eek! I am feeling the effects of the wine a bit tipsy to be honest. I hope none of you are disappointed. As long as I can limit myself I am OK. Tomorrow I was invited to someones house for dinner so I am bringing carrot cake I know I will have a small piece of cake but I still have lost weight. I didn't manage to make it to the gym but did do a tad bit of walking. Well I hope I can be strong tomorrow and not succumb to carbs. Goodnight and have a good weekend. BE STRONG!