Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's been a while

I haven't written not because i have felt guilty but because i have been in a funk. I wont bother to spell check this so sorry. For the last two days i have been trying to do my diest and have suceeded to loose a few pounds i did however have a cheese burger and a small fri from mcd's. Also a cigarette today i call it the stresses of being married though i think i balanced it out with the amount of calories eaten today so its ok. I have been tired and stressed out. My father in law will be here for christmas next week :-( I spent the last of my money on christmas shopping. I've been busy at work and like i said in a funk. I have made it to the gym more often which is great I just thought i'd give you all a little update now I'm off to bed. If i don't write again before christmas I hope everyone has a very happy holiday season!!