Friday, March 9, 2012

Yah, I dunno

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Side note:

I was talking about big foot.

See "21 Jump Street" in cinemas now. Funniest movie of all time, no joke. I laughed the whole freaking movie... Oh Channing. 

My horizontal hood piercing is gone and I'm devastated. Pretty much cried all that day, I was so chocked. I had to get a CT for my tailbone. They told me to take out my piercing. I couldn't get it off. So they let me do it with it in. I must have loosened it. I didn't notice until Sat. For all I know it could've been out since the thur. This was last week btw. I went to go to the piercers to put it back in. It closed from the inside out. I could feel it tearing. 1. cant afford to get it done again. 2. fuck getting that done again. I know how bad it hurt the first time, why would I subject myself to that torture again. Anyway I cried cause Carrie came with me to get that piercing. I was going to keep it till the day I die... and its gone.