Monday, August 1, 2011


Had a great weekend. Niki Kirstyn and Chris my brother from another mother came.
Started my birthday right with a cooked breakfast and a margarita by the pool at 10:30am. Got my tan on. Was cross faded all weekend. Horseback riding and white water rafting Sun. My ass is chapped from that horse. Damn thing loved galloping down hill as fast as it could. I'd be an ass hole too if I had me on my back.

Invited Troy but no surprise he wasn't there. I only invited him cause Kirstyn said she had a dream I told her he was coming to my birthday. Would've loved to have him there. Haven't seen him in over 3 mo's. She's like u know ur never gunna see him again right? I sighed and said yah. I was surprised I even saw him a second time. Used Tims lighter to make a wish cause I didn't have a candle lol. My mom wants my flanle shirt but it's my shirt that reminds me of him. I dont wear it but its a memory. Same with my holy jeans too many memories to throw out.

Anyways the weekend was much deserved I needed to get away. As soon as I saw c.o.p on the way back I was gutted. Love being out of town doing outdoorsy things. Loved seeing all the wild life. I miss travelling. A lot. I'm gunna start saving for my xmas trip to my tropical destination of choice. It just felt so good to leave my problems behind. Of course as soon as I got to town they all smacked me in the face.

Taylor has been staying with me all week driving me mad. He's leaving td. Told him sun was his last night sleeping here. I was out of town all weekend. Creapy stalker ass hole prick from the bus stop harrassed me again. Fuck me, LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE PSYCHO!!!! At least I'm not that fucking nuts. Shit. I did forget all my meds at home this weekend. TM should be interesting.

Most of my bday when I was alone was spent reflecting on my "relationships" if u could call them that. I haven't seen anyone since Troy. It's just too painful to hurt myself with guys who just dissapear. I want someone who wants to get to know the awesome and wonderful me. I come of ass such a retard when they take off. It's a love hate thing. I love when they're with me I hate them because they arent. Everytime I see a hot girl in some skimpy outfit I get all jealous and pissed. Kinda have the urge to kick skanky girls ass's. It's funny cause my friends point at a hot girl and say skank. I laugh. They know me too well.

It was great chillin with my peeps. Rafting was awesome. It was sooo not sexy me being in a wet suit. 3 people fell off our raft. Including the guide who fell off twice. It was pretty funny. He was hot too. If I only had a chance. Meh he's only here working on his summer break any way. Not what I'm going for. I do like the guys who like the outdoors. We're planning a camping trip, possibly september long.

Anyway better get back to my grey goose lol. The weekend isn't over...