Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My New Place

So I have lost all perception of time. I have been staying at my new place for a few nights now. I can't remember when I started staying here lol crap. Not sure. I can't wait to be all unpacked so when I forget where I put something I can see where I put it. Such as my pants. I'm always losing my pants or my shirt lol. I know that's random but I always take them off and never remember where in my house I put them. Since I haven't unpacked in my new place it makes it much harder to find in my room. I almost fb my gf this morning to ask her if she remembered where I took my pants off ln lol. I have this sick room in my house. We call it the green room "we" being the privileged who have been cool enough to chill in the green room. I wont explain too much about my green room cause it's too cool to talk about it has to be seen. It's my relaxation room. I just got some incense nagchampa mmm i love that scent.

I have to get back into my gym routine. The good thing about my new place is it's right around the corner from the chronic pain centre. I'm going to be spending a lot of time there. How random is that. I didn't even know that when I took the place. Fate I guess. Life is good. I'm happy. I'm broke but happy. Trying not to stress. I don't panic too often. I did last week thanks to a few epiphanies i had and a few bubbles that burst. The summer is coming and going so fast. Time just keeps flying by. I'm making new friends fast. If i wasn't broke and sick I'd have more hobbies. You never know tho this pain centre I could make a load of friends who understand what I'm going through. I have pretty much been maintaining my weight up and down a few pounds. I haven't really cooked in over a month or so. I went grocery shopping td. I need to get back into a routine.

Nothing new on the guy front. There is this guy who wants to see me. I'm apprehensive. I don't know what to do, I've been putting him off for weeks now. I had no intention of seeing this guy but I can't wait around for the other guy anymore ... the only person stopping us from being an "us" is him ... so why am I waiting around? Time to move on ... it hurts, and I don't really want to. I can't keep holding on to nothing.