Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 3

Sorry I missed Day 2 but i was so tired. I went onto the computer and then completely forgot what i was doing. Happens a lot lol. So I was still good yesterday again other then my coffee and 1 glass of wine. I have managed to stick pretty much to it. Today was meant to be prawn day and mushroom omelette's. I don't eat mushrooms so I made scrambled egg with low fat cheese and green onions. For lunch I decided against prawns (shrimp), I saw in the recipe book a lunch wrap with sandwich meat and then i saw one for chicken salad so I decided to make a chicken wrap i figure that's OK and i put extra light mayonnaise.

I was accused this afternoon of eating ice cream by my husband because he saw a cup that looked like it had chocolate in it. It was my ricotta cheese dessert. He was pleased with me. I asked if i looked any thinner thinking I wouldn't and he said your face looks thinner. That's great i was actually thinking that too but i thought it's too soon for any results. My body is trying to adjust I have some spots on my forehead and yesterday my cheeks were bright read. I don' t feel as bad as I did Mon and Tue. I'm still exhausted but for the most part that's normal. My head isn't as achy which is great. My stomach still feels a bit funny though kinda like a weight is in there it feels heavy (I don't mean my fat). Lets see what day 4 has in store for me. I will be so proud of myself If i manage to make it the full 14days. I have been wanting things cereal toast sweets. However it's not as bad as it was yesterday. Things are looking up.