Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tim Is A God

Tim is a god, he's unbelievably mind blowing... that is all lol ... Check out the link to hear my podcast.

Sry correction, my bro called the police cause she was being a psycho and they still took him in. I dunno. My bro and nephew are staying with my mom. My roommates moving. My downstairs neighbors moved... weird.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Ben's apology

Please go to the link that will take you to my podcast. Listen to the apology and then check out Update #2.

So he called again, my mom was wrong. fml... I shouldn't have taken the call. FYI this whole apology is bullshit. He isnt sorry for a thing he's done. Trust me, if you knew him, you'd agree.

Her baby girl


What if I made it all purple, blonde is pinned back, brings out my eyes
Beautiful walk in the mountains
Hippy group I'm joining