About Me

Hey, my friends call me Elz. My life in a nut shell. We'll skip my childhood. Just before my 19th bday I took off and moved to Europe with a guy I knew for two weeks in person. Haha I was in love what can I say. We got married and four years later we ended up in Canada due to his job transfer. 7mo's later we split up. When we lived in England I was in and out of the hospital, diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition at the age of 22. Which took it's toll on our relationship along with many other things. Out of depression and the inability to walk without support I gained 85lbs. From Feb 2009 to Nov 2010 I lost the 85lbs I gained, got a job at the gym and made some big changes. I ended up on a poster that went nation wide through out Canada. I'm only able to work part-time due to my health and I have gained about 35lbs back, and have lost all muscle tone. It's a constant battle between my weight and my health. So this is my journey at the age of 28 on the mission to find me, and on the way hoping happiness, good health, financial stability, unconditional love, and my soul mate find their way to me.

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