Friday, November 9, 2007


OK so here we go. I have been struggling to do the second week of my no carb diet other then bran flakes i haven't had any bread as of yet but it's still morning. I go in occasionally and get weighed at the nurses because i take xenical to aid in weight loss. So I have had a total of 10 pound weight loss. I'm now at around 290 to 292. Added to that i tried on a pair of size 26 pants and low and behold they FIT still a bit tight around that roll of fat at the bottom of my stomach but before i couldn't even get them on. I was wearing a size 30 pants the largest size I have ever worn. I'm still not proud of my size 26 but its a hell of a lot better than a 30!

I had one really great day this week I got weighed and lost 10 pounds then I found out my paper work from the FBI came back so I can now start our Immigration process to Canada. Then I got promoted at work YEAH! So I can now earn a bit extra for that house we are buying in Canada.
I did have a low last night one of my fish died I had 7 and now I have five but one more of them is sick and I expect he will pass today. I know they are only fish but still. I had just bought 3 of the four that died I expect the original 3 were bulling the little fish. Anyway here is another attempt with no carbs for a week. Can we hope for another excellent 10 pound weight drop. GOD PLEASE!!! Maybe I will get my butt down to the gym this weekend we will SEE.