Sunday, April 10, 2011


Had a great weekend. Friday night I went out with the girls... well we stayed in for most of it, threw back a few drinks then went out for a bit to Melrose. We then stumbled back home where Taylor met us and we threw back a few more drinks..Everyone loves Tay. Apperently I nearly confessed my drunken love for Taylor.. I was like dude, I dont love you calm down. Haha. I dont even know what I said. I was so rediculously drunk.. my hangover the next day was awful. If one more person tells me I'm in love with Taylor I swear... I would know wouldn't I? I Tay made me some breakfast and then we spent the day together. Played video games, threw back some beers (once my headache and the puking was gone) we made some homemade mexican. Mmmm homemade enchiladas and taco salad. I of course passed out on the couch while he played his video games. I slipped up and said something about Troy and Tay wasn't too impressed that I slept with Troy and didn't tell him. I love Tay's company. He's like my best friend. God he made me laugh, he gave me a testemonial on pof. Men lol.

Anyway today I had a picnic date, he was a nice guy but not my type. For some reason I love the tall, dark and handsome douche bags with a six pac, pecs and some huge ass arms. MMmmm I love my douche bags. Anyway I feel bad cause said dude likes me and I had to tell him he's not my type. I hate letting people down like that. Rejection of any sort hurts but I told him I wouldn't mind being his friend. Don't get me wrong he's cute, just not my type.

Anyway, things should get interesting at work tm. I'll let u know what happens.