Sunday, November 13, 2011

Subscribed readers

Hey if you guys read my blog and are followers please subscribe yourself to my list. It's nice to know my readers. I know I have a few of you that follow my posts. Top right hand corner ^_^  you may all think I'm crazy but I appreciate you reading LOL.

On the plus side to drama drama drama I lost 6lbs due to stress this week. Dont worry I have been eating, just not too much because it's been hard to keep anything down. You shoulda seen me shaking yest. What a mess. Stupid central nervous system problems lol.

Troy was a no show, surprise surprise.

My best friends, childhood best friend had a baby so we're going to the baby shower today. I always wonder what the father looks like when you meet a single parent mom and her child. I wonder what they'll grow up to look like. I couldnt imagine having a child in my early 20's. She's fortunate to have her families support.

My cousin in NJ her best friend died yesterday of a drug overdose. May he rest in peace. His gf also her best friend is expecting her first child, please pray for her. I can only imagine. Sobriety is a daily struggle for people with addictions, no matter how long you've been clean.

I'm doin ok, I've put a guard up right now. Pretty emotionless in regards to everything. Meh, life goes on.

This too shall pass

גם זה יעבור‎‎ (hebrew)