Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I get a text at school td telling me he died, and his service is today. I didn't know him well other then at work or when I ran into him. He was a colleague of mine when I first moved here. At Leons. He was 30. He had cancer, beat it once and it came back. He loved to board. He moved to Fernie cause he loved boarding. He was waiting for the snow fall of all snow falls. Couple days after he died Fernie got a record breaking snow fall. Heaviest snow fall in twenty years... RIP buddy.

Song that was played at his service

I booked it after my last class. My gf came and got me and we went to his service. Unfortunately I was in sweat pants and a hoodie, but I didnt think it mattered what I was wearing as long as I was there. I paid my respects to his brother and got his number so I could give it to this girl I know that Trevor use to see. Signed his snowboard. Put the stone in the vase.

It was a beautiful service. I wish I could've gone to the pub to drink with them. They did slides, his family read a few things.'

I cried this time for sure, it's all too much. Pretty sure I feel a breakdown coming on. There were a few people I knew there, the majority of them knew I lost someone else recently.

Fuck, my heart hurts, the hole just got bigger...

Hey Life, what else do you wanna to throw at me? Think I cant handle it? You think I haven't had enough hard knocks? Fuck you! I'm braced for the blow, bring it on bitch...