Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

Wooot Let the party begin in T-2 Days. We're tearing it up in Canmore thanks to mumzie for letting me use her vacation home.

Happy 24th B-day to Tim. Not like he'll read this but I told him I'd never bother him again so I'm making good on that. I have love hate feelings for him. He's like top of my list for most awesome guys but he's still a dick.

Man I had this missed call the other day... WHO THE FUCK IS RICHARD LANDRY??!?! Voicemail message was a cough. Fuck me for going to bed at 7.30 lol.

Works been good minus the skitzophranic psychopath who I met at the bus stop who wont leave me the fuck alone. Seriously I made staff at work aware and next is calling the cops. See this is what a real stalker is like. He knows when my lunch break is and when I get off work. FML I'm keeping my keys in my hands and thank fuck i took self defense.

Seriously tho Stampede was the shit!! My first one.. I dont know how many bottles of booze we snuck in but I had a great time. I was so drunk I was going to go on the drop of doom. I HATE HEIGHTS LOL! I was next to get on, they cut it off at me. Fuckin starts poring down and I dont get to go on. Thank you god. What was I thinking LOL. The guys I was chillin with fucked off to the bar I was soaked but found my friends, thankfully. We had so much fun. Then we went on the giant swing. Me n my girl were over the weight limit but she convinced me to go on everytime we went higher it clicked and she was like omg please dont go higher which of course freaked me out. So while I was up there "I prayed to a god that I dont believe in" and said I would go to church lol, so I have to make good. It's not that I dont believe in god I hope he's up there but fuck if I know. All I can do is live my life the best I can.

So I got this sick ass belt buckle check out the pics. The braided girl is my bestie Kirstyn. The pic of the three of us is me Tay and my other bestie Niki. The rosta Monkey. I talked this cute Carni into giving it to us. Skill baby lol. I'm actually working on my flirting skills haha I busted out a line to this dude at stampede. Tays like where the fuck is my lighter this dude was like I'll give u a lighter if u give me a smoke and I was like I'll give you a smoke if u give me ur number hahaha. I didn't even want it but yup I was drunk enough to pull a line lol.

So my bday weekend. Heading to canmore tm with my bestie. Some friends are showin up Sat night to come party for my actual bday. My girl is getting me a cake. I told her I want a penis one with chocolate frosting lmao. That would be epic haha. We're rafting and horseback riding sun at Rafters 6 Ranch. It'll be an awesome weekend. I'm taking it easy on the booze. She's bringing a lot. After my last binge in April I haven't had a hangover since.

I look cute td so I can flirt with the cutie on the bus. I only get to see him Thur and Fri but he totally makes my morning. :P