Thursday, March 11, 2010

In a good mood

So wow last post did i seem bitter and pissed. Lol. I haven't been sleeping great so i've been kinda cranky.

This week I've had my ups and downs but there is a party sat and I'm looking forward to it. This week I've been concentrating on me. I've scheduled my next nutritionist apt cause I haven't seen her in nearly 5 mo's. I've arranged to go to that class for sick people. So I can meet other people who are struggling too, and maybe get some positive advice and techniques to cope. MRI results back, they are all clear so I don't know what the neurologist will say. She did warn me they might not find anything and there is a possibility of physical therapy. I just want to go back to work soon. I miss having my decent income and money to spend freely. I have been having more fun and trying to get out. I called the guidance councelor at my old school and spoke to him about my grades and getting a copy of my transcripts. I have some things to sort out there but fingers crossed I can sort everything out and go back to school. I'm seriously interested in a nutrition degree. What we fuel our bodies with makes a big difference on how we function. Seriously if you don't eat healthy try it for a week or two then eat one meal of junk food. Guarantee you wont feel as good.

Anyhow point is I'm cheerful today. I got a massage and saw my fav masseur and he rocks. He's hysterical and my back feels soo much better. Today is a good day and I'm pretty chipper. Feel kinda bad for my corner store chick she had some heart break last night.