Monday, October 22, 2007

Diet I mean Permanent Life Change Day 1

So today is the first day of the SB diet for me. I was OK until about 2pm when the withdrawals started. I NEED BREAD! I had a headache the kind that absolutely makes your whole head ache down to your neck. But I have made it with only two little cheats I had a cup of coffee at work and I think It had two teaspoons of Sugar and semi skimmed milk (I'm not sure though I didn't make it) and i had a half a glass of white whine which in all honesty I might make a full glass. I had my fish it was a smoked salmon i managed to eat a little over half of my small piece but couldn't manage another bite I was starting to fell nauseated with the thought of it. Well done to me. I pre prepared my lunch for tm and by bacon for breakfast well turkey bacon! I haven't added everything to my diet i haven't had any of the olive oil dressings like it says i just can be asked to make them.

I got a comment from a Donna Miller. Who are you? I'm not doing the Dr Phil one I'm doing South Beach. As for the bit where it says Get Real I am completely Realistic about the fact what I eat makes me fat and isn't contributing to my weight loss (obviously). I only took a small bit offence to it but other wise I'm fine. I can take constructive criticism the sweetie part made it seem less harsh.

Thank you to everyone who has been commenting It does make me feel better to have all of the support. Lets see how day 2 goes of SB lets just hope in 2 weeks time i have something to show for it. Tomorrow I have a tuna Salad Yum (NOT) but I have to say I haven't had any of the snacks in between and I haven't had serious hunger pangs So all in all its OK. I walked to work which I usually do so about a 12min walk and I managed to walk home which I havent done since before I was on Crutches in July. It was pain full on my knee but i only have to do it every couple of weeks now when my husband is at work. At least it saves me £3 each way lol I feel bad that the taxi drivers had to drive me such a short distance. Well That's all for today 1 down 13 days to go until I can have carbs again no white bread :-( tho.