Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Quick update ... these are some pics i took of me the night of the party. Better ones are to follow. had my physio apt yesterday, almost puked on her table. Nausea awful. Back fucking ridiculous. Saw the social worker. They don't want me taking public transit, I'm too sick for that. They have alternative means that u don't need to know about. They may want me to leave my job in the new year. They think I'm doing too much and aish may not approve me cause I'm working the 15 hrs. So if that's the case bye job. They know I only work just to get by and honestly I'm having a hard time keeping on top of things. My boss pissed me off today, trying to tell me I'm not disabled. REALLY THATS THE ONLY EFFING REASON I WORK 3 HRS A DAY!!! WHAT DO U THINK I'M LAZY?! DO I GIVE OFF THAT IMPRESSION?! I was pissed, and no i don't give off that impression, I work my ass off and she knows it. Which is why i didn't get in trouble for bitching her out last week. She had nothing to say about it. She tried to rub my back later and I asked her not to touch me. I was in serious pain so the lightest touch hurt.

Anyway I had a random day. After work I met up for coffee with my adopted mom from England. She's ex British police and her husband is a cop. So I go to sit down and oh guess who I see? 2 other on duty cops that I know with another one of their cop friends. So had a lovely hr and a half coffee with 2 of my cop buddies a new cop I didn't know, my adopted mom and another one of cop wives friends. It's weird, that life feels like another lifetime ago. I don't really talk to the rest of them on a regular basis. My life is so different then it used to be, I'm not a homemaker anymore, and who really wants to hear about my medical treatment. I don't go into detail with a lot of people.

ok gotta go. Makin lasagna and I feel blah.