Friday, July 9, 2010

Not holding back

Sooo fuck i'm in a bad mood.

I call my mom who is too self involved right now to listen to anyone elses issues. Well except when she's at work cause obv it's her job to listen to other peoples problems. They were supposed to be coming to visit me on Monday but they aren't now cause my sisters passport is expired. GAY!!!!

Douche bag I swear to god. So the other week he randomly texts me to bother me at night just to tell me "I like skinny girls". Fuck you ass hole you're full of shit. You may prefer smaller girls but you sure have had plus size gf's in the past and u shouldn't sleep with people if ur not interested in them. Anyhow. He texts me again at like 11:30 on sat tripping out cause he thought I had a bf. Then tells me that he's a relationship kinda guy and that he'll come out next time. The next morning of course he was like I was drunk I don't want anything from you. I'm sorry ok. NO NOT OK!!!! I told him so too :). Just how I felt but I'm a good enough person to tell him that I sincerely hopes he has a good life. Fuck he's dumb. Oh and he deletes me from FB but keeps me on MSN. What a tool!!! I wont delete him and yah I know that makes me dumb too. I have no intentions of talking to him, if he wants to talk to me he knows where I'm at. I take it he doesn't, whatever like my brother said there are billions of men out there and not one are the same and on that note ...

So I went out with this guy on Saturday cause I fig douche is a douche and it's time to date again. I like the newbie. He's sweet. We got some coffee/tea went for a walk in the park. Made out at two benches and a tree which he has now renamed the makeout bench. We got together again on sun. Watched a movie at his place ... lol. Then we went out Tue. I was gunna cook for him but those plans got kinda messed up. We went to the cinema to see eclipse. I was going to the machine to pay and he called me back and had like two paid ticket things. It was so sweet. Then in the movie he put his arm around me and held my hand. I went back to his place for a bit after. I text him yest to see if he still wanted to go to the zoo... I got nothin. Trying not to stress it. He could be busy. Time will tell. If not he was a nice guy and I had a good time. It was nice to be treated right for once. I do hope i hear from him tho :) he seems like a good guy genuinely and I wouldn't mind if he sticks around for a while.

I got the job at the gym. Yay!!! I start mon. I get a free membership too. Not brilliant money but hey ho i didn't take the job for the money, I took it to change my life.

I'm just frustrated. Tho happy that I got a job, went on 3 nice dates with a sweetheart who's adorable. I have an awesome roommate tho he's messy lol, messier then me. Cool neighbors who like to kick it, and good friends. I leave in 18 days for Cali and I can't wait to get out of Calgary for a bit. Life is attempting to treat me well and all I have to say is Thank you life.

Oh the bet ... fuck let's not discuss that till i hit the 230's.