Wednesday, April 21, 2010

60 min of Cardio

So I stepped up my game ... 60 min of Cardio burning over 500 calories. 30 min elliptical 30 min bike. It's killer. I keep getting this pain on the right side of my stomach. I need to find that xray paper my doctor gave me lol before I collapse or something bah! If it's not one thing it's the next. I'm sure it cant be an organ it must be like a muscle or hernia or something i don't know. Hurts like a mother tho and I've made bruises from pushing so hard where it hurts. It will not stop me!! I'm on a mission. 258.2 td. ... 31 pounds to go by July 30th. I can do this!

So some guy at a pub wanted me this weekend. That was a first. It was so funny. I got this new purple halter top. I walked past these guy and one said I wonder how much she paid for those. I said to my roommate was that guy talking about my tits she's like i thought he was talking about my pants. I was like why would he be talking about your pants??! Any way so this other guy was staring at our table again my roommate noticed cause me i think everyone stares lol. I was like who's he looking at she's like i don't know. Turns out he was looking at me. So i ask the waitress to give him a note with my e-mail. Guy e-mails me and wants to hook up. Seeing as that's not the kinda girl I am, I shot him down. However this NEVER happens to me and I was flattered lol.

So I'm going to this club on Sat with my girls and I'm thinking about asking this guy if he wants to come casually but i'm such a retarded spaz, I don't know if he'll come or not. He's the cutie that works at my gym. Can't hurt to try right. I mean how are people supposed to make new friends?? This world is so complicated!! No smoking I've done awesome. Still losing weight. Still moody as fuck. Had a dream i kicked someones ass with a lunch tray last night lol. Can we say fucked!! I don't even know anymore. So stoked about going out sat woot party and my new outfit is hot especially since i fit into my old jeans! A little self conscious about my new top. I was going to buy a little half cardigan but i cant afford it. Seriously hoping my tax return comes before friday. Oh and I lost my job last fri. Lovely :( I was supposed to be on a leave of absence for medical reasons. Tossers, I don't even know what their reason Is i just got some paper with random numbers on it. My friend had to explain it to me grr!

Whatever ... Summers almost here and it's going to be awesome cause I LOVE THE SUN !!! CAUSE I'M A SUMMER CHILD YO! Yah i'm a loser whatevs peace out