Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh Monday how I loathe you.

I could so use a cuddle and a back rub right about now, I'm so crabby. My roommate said he likes when I smoke I'm not so irritable. My response ... I like me when I smoke too, it's cause I'm in pain and I haven't gotten laid and I have no patience..

This last week kicked my ass. Cut my knuckle open, I burnt my stomach with boiling water from the kettle (nice big burn mark too)the same day I did that my colleague slammed my hand into the drawer.. compared to the burn it didn't hurt so bad, had a cat climb up my leg, then I fell on ice and of course I was more concerned about my baby phats getting ruined then my injury. I think my pain threshold is getting higher .. time for a new tat or piercing I think haha.

I got a comment on one of my facebook pics from my Bestie Jason. I have a lot of Besties I'll tell u in a min. So he said "seriously liz, i cry sometimes when i tell your story cause i'm so proud of you:D you are gorgeous (and now I don't have to add that little disclaimer on the end like i used too:D)" The little disclaimer he's talking about ... "You're so pretty for a plus size girl" Now he doesn't have to say for a plus size girl. I'm almost out of the plus sizes YAY! I'm fortunate I hold my weight throughout my whole body. The rest of my family holds it all in their stomach and face unfortunately.

Ok so my Besties ... I'm the girl who has always had a lot of friends but these are some of my closest.

Jason - Gay bestie in Cali 11yrs (org cali)
Sarah- she was fun ;) 13yrs Utah (org Cali)
Vell- Carebear giver 11 or 12 yrs Japan (org cali)
Deb- Old boss/bestie I partied with 3.5 yrs (England)
Kirstyn- ex colleague 2yrs (Calgary)
Niki- ex colleague 2yrs (Calgary)
Jill- friend of a friend 6 mos (Calgary)

Was up at 4.30 td so I could get a workout in b4 work. Always an hr of cardio. If I could actually get my ass out of bed when my alarm goes off that would be awesome. I should set it for 3.30 and then maybe I'd get out of bed at the right time lol. Never used to hit snooze. I always end up working more hours then I'm paid. U know what, people need to stop messing up my shit. Of course I'm always really nice to them. It's been better since the last meeting we had but Mondays are always the worst cause I have 3 days worth of work to do in one day. I hate when they mess up my stuff and it doesn't balance. Seriously this next year is all about focus. I'm trying to get into personal training and to become a fitness manager. I talked to the regional td and he gave me some tips. He's freakin ripped. He asked who my trainer was cause we were talking about the party. I told him no trainer. The look on his face ... it was an awesome feeling. I told him it's taken me a while tho nearly a year and a half. He was like "that's still pretty solid tho." He teaches one of the courses so when I finally get some dosh I'll take it. He's coming to my party. I know half of my friends in Calgary will come.

If any of my readers who live in Calgary or Edmonton want to come u totally should. I know there are a few on here who are local. I'll post the details on here when I get them. It would be cool to meet u guys. Thank god for my stats report lol.

I'm in the process of makin dinner.. Baked chicken with rosemary and thyme, mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts. You know what I miss, cabbage and yorkshire pudding. I've had the weirdest cravings this week it's french toast and last week it's cheddar popcorn. I never eat either lol. Tho I tell ya I'll be making some french toast as soon as I remember to pick up cinnamon. If this is all random it's cause I decided to have some alcohol tn and now I'm drunk (cheap drunk). I rarely drink, usually every few weeks. Tho when Tim was around it was every time he was here. I was nervous. For some reason I get really nervous when I'm sleeping with someone new. I'm a spaz, I shouldn't even attempt to be sexy cause I'll just look like a tard. My roommate moves around the 15th of the month. I had a chick look at it yest and I have an aussie dude looking at it tn. Right now I'm in my roommates room, he's in the living room and he's working on getting a sander to do the floors in my room at the landlords request.

I was talking to my friend the other day who has fybromyalgia and she has memory loss too. It's called fybro fog. It fucking blows added with the memory loss from the added pain (apparently common). Now that I'm in the other room it's messed with my routine. I don't know where anything is. I dont know where my calendar is so I cant write the usual down.. who I've seen and what I've done. So I'm constantly confused and can't find things. If I can fix my memory I might apply to UofA next year to get a dietitian degree. We'll see.

My friends 30th was fun. Her brothers are hysterical. One was trying to make up an excuse to tell his wife so he can go to vegas lol. Orange shag.. that had me laughing for ages.I don't remember what I said to her parents (I hate meeting peoples parents). I know I talked to her dad about his ferrari's. I talked to random people I now need to ask who they were' Dude at my party seriously I'm gunna try and get name tags. It's so bad as soon as someone tells me their name I forget it. Sometimes I get all awkward trying to remember their name. Fortunately I knew some of these people before the memory loss.

Everyone keeps trying to get me to move home. I don't know why they bother. My dad was like "why did u have to move so close to the north pole?" I've thought about Maine,North Carolina, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands. Somewhere by the ocean. Eventually I need to be by the sea. Surfing and sailing ... on my bucket list with add to do's. Just taking it a day at a time.

Hahahaha oh so the other day my friend texts me "OMG BRAD JUST CALLED ME AND ORDERED A TAXI" she told me all the things she wished she could have said. Who knows if it was really him but she said it was from his apt complex 17th floor. I was like dude kill him with kindness. I'm not in the business of being mean to people. Haha she said by next year she'll have a list of guy's ass's to kick and Brad will be at the top. Ok I have to stop typing. I say exactly what's on my mind when I drink.

... Long pause...

OK so I think I just found my next roommie. Aussie guy was awesome. Talked for ages. Fingers crossed!!!!! Ok showing a house when ur drunk ... not so easy. Haha I think he knew but it's all good. He wants to take it, he said. Who wouldn't I'm awesome and the place from the inside is cool. Ok i'm so done with my blog tn I'm too drunk for this and spell check is getting complicated. PARTY WITH THE AUSSIE HELL FUCKING YEAH!!!

ps. I just reread this shit drunk and I don't know how u guys do it LOL.