Monday, October 11, 2010

Canadian Thanksgiving

I am thankful for happiness and the people who love me.

I cook every year for people that dont really have family here. So what's on the menu today.

Mashed potatoes
cranberry sauce
corn and green beans

One of my supposed friends were supposed to come for dinner but as usual she tripped out cause I got whipped cream instead of cool whip. I'm tempted to call her some kind of rude name but i'll bite my tongue. I'm done with her bs.

I'm having dinner with my roommate, I invited the neighbors and some other friends. It doesn't really matter who shows up. It's gunna be good food.

Tim spent the night with me Saturday. It was awesome. I got a text at like 1:30am and of course this one song was going through my head: "Cause if u callin at 2 in the morning it only means one thing, booty call boo boo booty call." Fuck my life lol.

Anyway. He came over we chilled and talked for a bit. He's good to talk to. Every man I've met born in '87 are pretty f'd in the head. Lets hope that's not the case with him. It was seriously awesome tho. He spent the night. He fell asleep with me in his arms. We cuddled, in the morning he pulled me in close. We got dressed which was pretty pointless, cause we just ended up undressed again lmao. Guess I looked sexy in that outfit haha. He looked sooo hot. He totally made me laugh telling me about how he asked his buddy if his outfit looked gay, and I was like dude u look hot. :)I invited him to thanksgiving dinner but I don't think he's gunna come. "Booty call boo boo booty call" LMAO who the fuck knows. He did get a little wound up when I walked to the bathroom in my panties. "Do u always walk around with no top on?" me "No, he just left for work" him "what if he forgot his keys?" I shrugged it off. Then I got a text from him saying "don't lock the door I forgot my keys" irony's a bitch and I laughed. If only he knew I tan topless on Holidays in Europe LMFAO.

Anyway Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone hahaha