Sunday, November 7, 2010

I can't do it anymore

These are the most recent photos of me taken today. I wanted to see what my body looks like. If you haven't noticed I'm not shy and I think if people can be in bikini photos then I can put a pic of me up in my bra and underwear for weightloss result purposes. So .. now to important things.

I can't do it anymore. I can't deal with the emotional turmoil. I deleted them ... All the pricks that have fucked and chucked me or ever ignored me from my phone. Jamie, Brad, Shawn, and Tim. I went through my facebook and deleted everyone that has added me and played games. They know my phone number if they want to talk. I'm done. I deleted some of the old cop friends I had in Okotoks who never bothered to stay in contact. I also deleted people who were once friends that have done me wrong. I still don't feel free tho.

My Father called today. I was actually getting annoyed cause it had been a few days and he said he would call me back that night. I almost texted him to be like "thanks for remembering me dad." However today he's like "sry, forgot to call u back." my response "yah, I know, I was gunna give you shit." anyway he was giving me a hard time about being disabled. Also for some other shit that I don't want to talk about on here. Whatever I told him I wish I could work full time. Believe me I miss my 2g a month salary. I miss being able to buy what I wanted when I wanted. Now I have to budget how much money goes for my basic needs to survive.

On a very great note I fit into an XL hoodie woohoo. I'm starting to fit into regular shit YAY! I got to hang out with the chick I've been spending time with. She's good to talk to. So as usual I've been hurting all day. Off to bed. Gotta be up early. Yay public transport (actually not too bad, just the idea of -15 and transit that gets me).