Monday, November 19, 2007


So you all know I was/am doing the south beach diet. I am finding it hard to go back and do no carbs (i mean bread pasta and rice the good tasting ones). Thanksgiving is this week I am determined not to pig out seeing as I am the one cooking I should be able to control some aspects of that. So you can see I posted a new weight. I was sick as noted in a previous blog and was told by the doctors to eat some carbs like bread and rice to help with the stomach problem. Since I fell off the wagon lol I haven't started again. Though I have been controlling the portions and to some extent what I eat. For example last week i bought a bar of kit kats it comes with four sticks i ate 2 of the sticks. Do you know how many calories are in one bar?? Something like 200+. I decided it wasn't worth eating 4 to have up to 800 calories on something that wasn't going to make me full i could eat like 15plates of vegetables for that amount lol. I also went to the coffee shop and got this chocolate twist pastry thing and i gave half of it to my friend (who knew i could share food?) and I got a little treat of shortbread and what are those hard things that look like cookies called again. Well the point is I only had one of each and that was on Saturday and I still have the whole pack left. Since stopping the diet like 3weeks ago I have still maintained a 5pound weight loss. Though I have gained 5 back that's expected. I will be doing the two weeks again and I pray for my stomach not to be sick again.

This weekend I went to a cardio kick boxing class. I did it very low impact and found myself unable to breath. I was so embarrassed that i couldn't do everything they were they were jumping over benches and doing loads of steps. But at the end I had a few people come up to me and say good job. Maybe it's better to see a fat person at the gym then any where else. At least they know I am trying. My shirt kept rising up too and i kept trying to pull it down to cover the fat roll. Needless to say If I can get my ass out of bed next Saturday morning I will go again. Oh and I am still aching. It hurts to sit, walk,stand, move my arms!! The motto from the US Marines is 'Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body' That's what i tell myself. I sweat like crazy too. Now just to loose some more. My father in law is coming for Christmas and I know he already thinks badly of me because I'm fat so I have to loose weight because last time he saw me i was 30 pounds lighter then I am now. I would also like to be able to wear some nice stuff especially the clothes I already have but my weight outgrew. I expect everyone else to post honest blogs during the Holidays so I don't feel all left alone. I will post again later this week. Bye


FatGirl said...


I saw your comment on my blog and I think you misunderstood- I haven't lost over 100 lbs YET. Depending on where you saw me, I'm not sure if I gave that impression but I definitely haven't. I was at my highest weight ever a couple weeks ago.

I'm using, a site that takes all your information down (weight, size, height, amount of exercise, etc) and then gives you a recommendation about how many calories you should be taking in per day. I keep track of all my food in the tracker there, and it has been a godsend because it really helps me to pay attention to what I'm eating, and I find I'm still never hungry even when I'm limiting myself to what may be about half the calories of what I was eating before.

As for the South Beach Diet, I'm afraid I don't have a very good opinion of it- my fiance's mother does South Beach, and while she DID lose a TON of weight when she went on it, as soon as she stopped doing it she ballooned up and now weighs even more than she did before. I'm hoping what I'm doing with just tracking calories, eating more veggies, fruits, etc and keeping track of things so I don't end up eating 4 or five pastries without even realizing it.

Anyway, good luck!

Scale Junkie said...

I'm so proud of you for doing that class!!