Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Video Blog 3 - Shit Just Got Real

* It's really quiet sry about that. Hey Guys, so this is an update. You get to hear me cry about my life for the first little while, literally. Then it's all about the guys I used to see. OMG lol. My marriage and Divorce. It's a long one, be prepared to watch a movie lol 75min long. I think this is the most open I've really been.

I would also like to say I'm not trying to be mean to the guys I used to see, these guys were years ago. There were only a handful of ppl that met some of them, which is why I feel I can be open about them. If they're still part of my life I don't discuss them. The guys who are interested in me that I haven't seen, no one knows them so it's not really a biggie. 

Penis Cake

Roof Top Patio Downtown 

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