Sunday, June 12, 2011

Well then

So works been good. Gotta say binding books.. not as much fun as u think it would be. I'm getting everything down pretty fast. Something tells me some days are going to be pretty slow. I like being kept busy. Makes the day go faster. I use quickbooks and eazy care. Accounting software and child care software. I get to wear whatever to work including wife beaters and skate shoes. Oh yah... I've made friends all ready... don't laugh at me. So the chef at work gave me the Justin Bieber movie to watch. She said it was actually pretty good. He's a very talented kid. I'm actually interested in seeing how his career got started other then the u tube hits.

I wanna see Joaquin Phoenix's movie "I'm still here" looks interesting. I remember when everyone thought he lost the plot and was really trying to become a rapper.

So Fri was the usual... girls night at my place.. including Taylor lol. Man he's a good sport. My friends just take the piss. First Tamara and the Viagra comment. Then Niki referring to some chick he was talking to on the phone as a little hoochie.. So Niki refers to all the guys in my life as blank dudes ie. Picnic dude, douche canoe dude... the list goes on. This way she can keep track of everyone. Well Taylor is douche canoe dude and for some reason this is the first time he heard her say it tho she's said it b4. He's like "why am I douche canoe dude, is that how she thinks of me" Niki"No" Taylor "Why can't I be picnic dude it sounds so much better?" Kirstyn "Cause you didn't take her on a picnic" Taylor "What does that even mean any way?" Kirstyn "So much douche it fills a canoe." Then we all burst out laughing. Except maybe Taylor lol. It was fun tho we all kicked it drank smoked and piled in the car and went on a random drive. Well the driver wasn't drinking obviously.

So I woke up Saturday and there were random peanut piles all over my house including my bedroom.. where the fuck did these peanuts come from... the mystery is who done it.. they were my roommates... but no one did it not even my roommate... Did I randomly steal them from him and I just dont remember... We'll take that as a plausible option.. Tho that I'm sure I would have remembered...

So yesterday, what a freaking day... Clean the house. Arrange my date. I was actually talking to him b4 Taylor. Lost his phone number then found it and called him. He got a gf, fair enough. I checked up on him on fb to see how he was. Total cutie. Anyway, saw he was back on the market so we went out. He took me for lunch and a few beers. Came back to my place to hang out... Kirstyn came over while he was here. She called. Then Taylor shows up.. then Niki shows up..oh and then Mohamed, my step dads friend who was coming to town came over. LOL poor guy met all my close friends on the first date.. I was not expecting that. Of course I was like I'm soo sorry. My roommate was home. So it was a full house. Well at least he knows I have friends right haha. It was nice we spent probably about 6hrs hanging out and talking. He actually lived in England for 9mo's so we compared notes. Fortunately we're both on the same page when it comes to England haha. He's actually been to Torquay which is crazy. He mighta been there when I was there he said. Funny how life works. I could have seen him walking down the street. It's actually kinda nice knowing someone who's been to a place of my past. It feels like a lifetime ago.

I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing each other again. He commented on my fb status. First guy I've dated to ever do that. It was nice, made me smile. Who knows whats gunna happen. All I know is I dont wanna put pressure on it. I just wanna have fun and be happy. It was nice having a man actually take me on a date. He opens doors too :)

So Mohamed and I went for dinner. Took him to Moti Mohal in Midnapore. Best damn Indian food ever. It was actually a great environment. He paid which was even nicer. I hadn't seen him in at least 8yrs if not more. He's planning on moving here so I'm just helping him get sorted. Letting him know all the costs and what not. He has his pr here. We were gunna go to the hooka bar, but after the day I had I was wiped out. I get to this point where my body feels like a ton of bricks when I'm exhausted. Sitting up is an effort. I'm glad he understood.

Anyway.. at home waiting for my friends to head over again. Glad I'm busy busy these days. I was getting so bored.

I have to get back to the gym.. I've gained way more weight then I should have since xmas and I'm not happy with my lack of physical activity. Fuck i just need that motivation. Put the doughnut down lol. God damn pastries and booze. I'm bringing my own lunch to work now. I need a healthier option.

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