Sunday, October 24, 2010

"I'm not the type to get my heart broken.. I'm not the type to get upset and cry.. Cause I never leave my heart open.. Never hurts me to say goodbye"

So let's update.

I hit 236 this week. 9 pounds till i hit my goal of 85lbs and 23 till I hit my 100lb mark. HELL YEAH!! My morning workouts this week freaking rocked. I ran on the treadmill at a speed of 6.2. I have to do intervals because I haven't figured out how to run and breath at the same time. No joke. I try breathing but I'm not getting enough air. Oh and I was advised to run barefoot, it works man so much easier except the blisters the treadmill gives you. I also did my pilates class on Fri. I love my job. My friend was there working out with her other friend on the bike. I was walking to the front desk for something. So I went over to her and checked out the resistance she was doing on the bike. Hahaha I'm such an ass hole. "You're not going hard enough" So of course I pushed the button to up her resistance. She thought that working on the bike was only for her legs. I had to explain that it obviously helps tone your legs but it's cardio which causes u to loose weight. She didn't know that so she upped her resistance even more lol. I love helping people.

Guess who fit into her goal jeans today WOOT WOOT! I think they'll fit even better when I hit the 85lb mark. I've had these baby phat jeans for forever. I bought them knowing they wouldn't fit and I kept them cause I knew I would be able to fit into them.

Tim, I like him but not sure if were just fb's or what?! Seeing how it goes. He's supposed to be round tn. Bound to be good times.

I actually went out with this chick yesterday. She's beautiful and we clicked. Love when that happens. Easy to talk to, we have a lot in common. We'll be hanging out again. Actually tomorrow lol.

I went to dinner party at a friends house Fri it consisted of The doctor who delivered her baby and the nursing staff. It was pretty cool. I made some new friends. Got invited to another party. My friend gave me the whiskey they brought her cause she doesn't drink. LOVE FREE WHISKEY. On Friday everyone at work gave me their number. We were gunna go dancing at the cage. Love that place. Only the one on Heritage tho, the one off 16th is gay. This girl at work is gunna teach me more dance moves. She used to be pro. So I'm stoked. The benefit of being such a nice person is that everyone wants to kick it with me.

The girl yesterday. She's like I'm good at reading people and you're very easy going. Ok I gotta go. I have to meet some old friends today can't wait. I'm still happy and I'm not tripping over dudes anymore. I expect them to leave, the one that sticks around that'll be a surprise.

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