Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finally Something to share!!

Hey Everyone!!!

So I have something exciting to tell you guys ... I lost 25 pounds total. I had gone up to 313 eek! I am now at 288.6 as of today. I havent seen that number in a long time I finally broke the 290's. Oooh and I can fit in my 24's!!

I haven't written for a while. My husband and I seperated the day before Valentines Day. Said he didn't love me anymore. Though I loved him it didnt take me more then a few days to get over it. I guess when things weren't good for so long it was easier to get over it. I am looking for a new job because of course I left mine b4 the seperation.

I am soo much happier now. I am nervous about dating again. I am also starting to make friends here in Canada which is great hopefully someone will introduce me to a nice guy. It's hard when you don't know people to meet guys other then the internet which hasn't been going so good lol.

Anyhow hope everyone is doing well and going to post a new pic of my face since you can tell.

XOXO to everyone and tho it is early HAVE A HAPPY EASTER!!!


PlumBell said...

I have not been on here since last september and my weight has increased no end! You look fab in the photo and I hope when you get this message you have lost more and found happiness with another man.. Maybe I will take up my blog again who knows xx

anna said...

it's been a while since i checked your blog. i hope you are doing well!! give us an update!