Sunday, March 30, 2008

I have gone down!!

So I had my house mate look at the scale this morning so I could get an accurate weigh in. Today it said 292 which means I have lost 10 pounds. Wahoo! Just thought I would share that. We decided to take pictures of ourselves in our underwear as before and after photos. I have to say I did not think I was as fat as I was and now I understand my husbands disappointment. He is please for me though 10pounds down. I was thinking should I post them but i thought no better not i might offend someone. Maybe when I have the after photo's. I have to tell you when you zoom into my leg it looks like a pregnant woman's stomach. Maybe I will post that bit lol. I don't carry any of the weight on my leg in the back its all in the front of my thigh. Also I have four breasts 2 of them being on my back they are just missing the nipple. Well I have them for future reference. I found a picture of me today when i weighed 227 pounds I am going to post it. That is my first small goal to get back to that weight so when I go on my trip to Jamaica next year I look good. Well Just wanted to share my positive news.


Scale Junkie said...

Congrats on the 10 pounds! Its a great start. The same with your 10 minutes on the cross trainer, you have to start somewhere!!

whats the skinny said...

good girl!! 10 pounds down! this is just the beginning...and i'll be here to cheer you on, girl!!